Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First match o' the season

I hardly know where to begin. But tonight is the big night: our first real match of the season (we had a practice match last week that got rained out).

I am happy that we have all been practicing a lot. Bob & I have been playing tournaments too. Unfortunately he is out with a strained back. I am glad to be able to bring Jim in though. Our newest 3.5, Dave, is on vacation, so it is just Bill and & in the 3.5 department tonight. Two of our 3.0s, Phil and Roy, have played a lot of doubles together, so I'm keeping that pairing in the hopes their synergy will help them rise above their rating. Phil was bumped to 3.5 anyway but was able to appeal down (unlike me).

This first match will be a doozy. The other captain is one of those who goes to extraordinary lengths in recruiting, and cuts people when they don't make their numbers (e.g. my own brother a couple years ago). Also, he dicked me over last year when he said I could join his team but never gave me the number to register. That stunt kept me out of combos for another year. So yes, winning would be nice. Won't be easy. But will be worth it.

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