Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brutal initiation

League tennis can be a cruel mistress sometimes. Like last night. We lost all three courts in straight sets.

The opponents teams were different to what we usually see. Each team paired a seasoned older white guy with a young black kid not long out of high school. The ones I played had all kinds of angles. I never felt we were completely out of the match, but suddenly it was over after my partner hit an uncharacteristic double-fault. 6-3, 6-2. I'm amazed the second set didn't turn out closer, since we were getting used to their game.

On the plus side, everybody liked the lion rampant t-shirt I've found for an impromptu uniform. A couple of my girls from mixed season stopped by too; that was nice. And it was a lovely evening, with pinto ponies lazily munching grass on a field under cerulean skies. No rain in spite of T-storms all around.

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